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Come and enjoy your CANADIAN fishing trip
like YOU have always dreamed it!

highlighting Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories


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Fishing in Canada is all about peace and serenity,
not bumping into other outdoors people at every turn.
Or just come and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors.

There are options on this page where if you have a group of 6 -16 guests
you will have a whole camp to yourselves for hundreds of miles.


What makes us different?

Instead of only providing information on 1 particular Lodge or Region of Canada T2C can provide your dream fishing or hunting vacation for ALL regions of Canada. If you are looking for a particular fish, animal to hunt, price range, region of Canada let us find YOUR next trophy. The more information you provide us the easier it is to find you exactly what you are looking for.
It has always been our philosphy for you to talk to the outfitter. Get a feel for the operation not some slick marketing plan

For corporations looking to book that ultimate fishing retreat we can even find options for up to 100 guests at a time!

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Fishing Listings: many companies also offer hunting options

Saskatchewan Lodge #4, NW. Saskatchewan

Ledendary for it's abundance of Trophy Fish

4 lakes - 2 rivers

Over 10,000 acres of pristine water to fish

Each season we have Northern Pike over 50 inches

Our Goal Is Simple
provide a first class adventure experince, give exceptional service to all our guests
and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime

Those looking for a place without interruption of any kind, combined with opportunities of fantastic trophy fishing, pampered surroundings, incredible fun and world class cuisine will appreciate this remote fly-in fishing lodge. Our focus is on guests service and giving you the chance to have a perfect trip.

Located on the 60th parrallel on the border of the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, we offer up to 12 guests a truly remote fishing experience. The lake has evolved into its ecological potential for Northern Pike over 50" and the Lake Trout over 35" through proper resource management and professional attitudes, including a history of catch-and-release, no logging, mining, or commercial fishing. There are no other lodges on the lake, thereby entitling you the unique luxury of fishing alone in uncrowded waters.

A small jewel of a water system, it has proven to be an enormously productive fishery and consistenet producer for hard fighting Northern Pike, Lunker Lake Trout, hard-hitting Whitefish and fiesty Arctic Grayling. it hosts breathtaking scenery and the numerous bays never disappoint. this is trophy fishing at its finest and we have caught and released numerous 40 plus inch Pike and mammoth 45 pound trout.
Our guides are well-versed on the local water conditions and various techniques. They are hard working, friendly and knowledgeable. The goal of your guide is to provide you with total fishing satisfaction.

Our purpose is to simplify your life by taking the stress and decision making out of a trip and do everything for you. We strive to create an exceptional wilderness experience - from our unique location to the world class fishing, fine guides, terrific facilities, first-class cuisine and warm friendly Canadian hospitality - we're here to help you and anyway we can.

Packages and pricing:
We have put together 4, 5, 7 and 8 day specially designed adventure trips.

Package Prices...includes round-trip transportation from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Our all inclusive, fair pricing packages provide you with everthing you will require for your challenging and exciting trip.

Groups of 10 or more can book the lodge all to themselves

You will receive full and unlimited use of our natural retreat lodge, comfortable accommodation, superb quality food including wine with dinner, fishing license, sodas, experienced guide, free use of lodging equipment, and if required, en route accommodation in Saskatoon on your return trip home. In addition, there are no hidden or additional fly-out charges as we have the finest fishing all within minutes of the lodge.

Outpost Fishing Camp

Yes, we can offer you a remote experience in an outpost camp. Minimum of 4 guests, priced at $1,500 US/person/week. Includes return air fare from Saskatoon. These book up fast.

Corporate Incentives

Thank Customers
Reward or Motivate your staff

Reward customers by providing them traveling incentive rewards. Place your top produced and your best client in the same boat! A powerful incentive! Sucessful businesses look for both proven and innovative ways to accomplish their goals. Few people will turn down the chance to get away from the rat race, even for a weekend.

Recognize your outstanding achievers for reaching beyond the realm of ordinary to achieve the highest levels of performance by proposing a complete rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. We can create a total experience of renewal and an awards trip unlike any other they have experienced in the past.

Please call to discuss the sample proposals we can provide to reward top producers and thank your customers. A 4,500 ft. air strip is available only minutes away for those who wish to charter their own flight for the trip.

Special pricing is in place for our Corporate Incentives packages.

Trophy Spring Bear hunts we offer 12 true trophy bear hunts at our remote location. For more details go here

deer hunt saskatchewan Hawkrock Wilderness Adventures, Saskatchewan
                        ( whitetail deer, bear, fishing, ecotours including "northern lights" )

Trophy Hunts... World-class fly-in fishing and outdoor fun

Hunting Options (bow, rifle, or muzzleloader): 5 day packages
now with Limo pick-up in Saskatoon

  Whitetail Deer hunting in Saskatchewan  
Our deer population is high and many record bucks are taken each year as well as lots of respectable bucks which would make any hunter happy. We welcome guests during the November season. We run between 20 to 30 stands and ground blinds in different settings. We take only 18 (90% opportunity) hunters/year and average class 145 or better.
Hawkrock has success even in years when many others have excuses.

With camps in different areas of the province, we have some of the best hunting you will find. We hunt forest fringe areas as well as farmland bordering parcels of big bush with lots of alfalfa fields, making for excellent whitetail hunting. We scout our areas so we know game feeding & movement patterns.

What is one of the reasons for Hawkrock's success year after year? They restrict the number of hunters booked each year. Allan's priority is big bucks, not putting as many hunters through his territory that is allowable. 170 + bucks are taken by his guests each year because of this policy. Price is $4500 US

Black bear hunts with world class pike fishing
Bear hunting with us will be very enjoyable and successful for you. We take spring hunters and you will find good color phase with the average size being between 200 - 400 + pounds. Skull size is more important that weight in determining your bear. If a big bear is your dream then you have to look at this outfitter. Bear with skulls over 20 inches are more the norm than the exception. In fact a 2005 hunter jumped the gun and took a 18" bear early in his hunt and this outfitter was disappointed because his goal was for each hunter to take a bear over 20 inches. 2006 saw a new custom boat being used to access territory not available in the past. Includes world class northern pike fishing. We specialize in bow hunts. Excellent color  phase
in our hunting territory. Price will be $4400 US

Bird hunts: we feel you will find it hard to find a better spot in Saskatchewan then the Porcupine area. We have an extremely high population of geese and ducks. Generally we hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon. Each hunter can take 12 geese and 12 ducks home. Ideal if you want to bring you dog along to give him a great workout collecting the birds.

Fantastic Remote FLY-IN Fishing
Our fishing camp is located at the northern tip of Saskatchewan just 60 miles south of the Northwest Territories border. Our lakes are small enough that you'll always be able to fish, no matter what the wind or weather conditions. From camp, you can fish a number of lakes in addition to the many miles of the Hawkrock River. Our new in 2006 jet boat will get you places on the River that few have been.

Huge Northern Pike are plentiful and extremely aggressive; we have caught over 100 in a day
Arctic Grayling for the amateur or experienced angler in fast flowing rapids will keep you entertained for hours. They love to give you a good fight.
Walleye are plentiful as well and fishable almost any time and place we fish; delicious
Lunker Lake Trout: on average we catch and release 40 to 50 trout per boat daily with sizes averaging 15 to 18 pounds but some come in at 40.

Our policy is catch and release - barbless hooks only. Every party the last few years has caught at least a 20 pound fish!
It sure makes our clients happy.

Northern Lights viewing is great in late August through the winter. Or come and enjoy some snowmobiling (trails hundreds of miles long), cross-country skiing, canoeing, or just come and photograph the abundant wildlife in the area (moose, wolves, coyotes, deer are seen often). We feed the deer and elk so you will get to see them up close.

Your experience with us starts as soon as they pick you up at your Saskatoon Hotel. You are then on your vacation until they deliver you back to the Airport. We wants you to have a great time, not worry about getting to here.

Results year after year prove how good this outfitter is!

If you would like to contact Allan Serhan call 306.278.3351     or     his cell 306.278.7159

or go to the Hawkrock's web site        for even more great photos     email Allan at

Sask. Lodge #8, NE. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan's most Remote Fly-In "Trophy" Fishing Lodge.

we now have our own 4000 foot airstrip

Trophy northern pike; huge lake trout and
fiesty arctic grayling are our forte.

Our lodge and its outposts are located in the extreme northeast corner of Saskatchewan extending into the Northwest Territories. This is the last `truly' undeveloped uninhabited area of Sask. - in which the closest road or population lies 125 air miles to the south of us.

Your track will take you by commercial air to Winnipeg, Manitoba and the next morning to the NWT aboard our charter (approx. 800 miles). From there we bring you by float plane to our dock and the front door of possibly the most memorable experience you'll ever have!

Only 14 remote lakes have received the designation of "improved angling quality" by the Sask. government. This program was put in place to help maintain present high quality of fishing in these lakes.

We have 3 of 14 lakes - Patterson, Misaw, and Many Islands. Catch and release fishing will ensure we can offer you this level of fishing for years to come.

How about 26 miles of clear, cold water is fed by the noted Schwandt River that creates a variety of habitats and an endless supply of forage fish for the Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling to grow to trophy size. This my friend, is what will keep you smiling day after day and most probably, make us your #1 fishing destination.

    Fall trout fishing: we will be offering fall trout starting in 2007. It is a great time of the year with the Northern Lights often visable.

Lodging: our cabins accommodate 2-4 guests each and have bathrooms that are cleaned daily. Hearty meals and great shore lunches are what you will enjoy. We have a commitment of excellence so you will have a great vacation while staying with us.

Rates for 2007 mid June - mid August:

Full American Plan: 5 days with 4 days of fishing includes return airfare from Winnipeg $2,749 US

Full American Plan: 9 days with 5 days of fishing includes return airfare from Winnipeg $3,749 US

Patterson Lake Outpost solar powered 4 person cabin, great option for those willing to do a bit on their own:
June 24 - July 30 including rt. airfare from Winnipeg
5 day - $1,999 US; 9 day - $2,795

Fall trout fishing
5 days mid August - early September including rt. airfare from Winnipeg
5 day - $2,495 US

    Fall black bear hunts: 2007 we will start to offer a fall black bear hunt with excellent fishing once you have taken your bear. This area has never had hunters except for a few local native hunters. We will offer 10 bear hunts and expect some very big bear to be harvested. priced at $3,995 US

Saskatchewan Lodge #20, NE. Saskatchewan

Situated north of the 55th parallel found on the Churchill River this lodge is located between Robertson Falls and Twin Falls. Excurions to each fall is just a few minutes away.

Walleye, the most sought after fish in N.A., is noted for their abundance in the Churchill River. As well, Northern Pike are also found in high quantities, with some of them being trophy size. While fishing on the river, you will also catch Sauger, White Fish and Yellow Perch.

With the cool moving water of the Churchill you will find we have excellent fishing all summer long. Protected by our mant islands in the area wind is rarely a concern on the river. Most fishing spots are only 5 - 10 minutes from each other. A 30 minute boat ride at the end of the day is the most that you would have to contend with to get back to camp..

Unique Sleeper Coach Package: package originates out of Tulsa OK. picking up guests in Kansas City, Omaha, Sioux City (anywhere along I29). This is an eight day trip, with 4 days of fishing. This trip can accommodate up to 18 guests

Accommodations: all of our cabins are built with local logs which makes our camp one of the most beautiful rustic camps in the north. Each of our fully modern cabins contacin: shower; flush toilet & sink; spring mattresses; wood burning stoves and electricity.

Other Services Provided: delicious home cooked meals; 2 guests per guide; shore lunches; fishing licenses.

Fish Limits: for 2004 each guest was allowed to take across the border 5 walleye; 4 lake trout; 6 northern pike and 25 perch. Our guides are fully trained and will fillet, wrap and package your prized catches in accordance with Canadian and American regulations.

Saskatchewan Outpost Camps #21, NE. Saskatchewan

Offering numerous Outpost fishing camps in Northern Saskatchewan.

They include:
Caribou Crossing Outpost - in the Northwest Territories - cabin sleeps 6: pike; arctic grayling; lake trout;

High Rock Lake Outpost- 105 air miles N. of Otter Lake - 2 cabins 6-8 guests each: Lake trout; pike arctic grayling

Upper Foster Lake Outpost - 90 air miles N. of Otter Lake - 2 cabins: 6-8 guests each: northern pike & lake trout

Daly Lake Out. 75 air miles N. Otter Lake - 2 cabins - 6-8 guests each: lake trout; pike

Robertson Lake Outpost - 72 air miles N. Otter Lake - single cabin 4 people

Hickson / Maribelle Lake Outpost - 50 air miles N. Otter Lake - 1 cabin - 6 people: lake trout; pike

Bill's Lake Outpost - 150 air miles N. Otter Lake - 1 cabin - 6-8 guests; walleye; pike; lakers; grayling

Wilderness Adventure: for those wanting extreme independence - flown into remote & secluded lake with your tent & cooking gear
- boats, motors, gas & satelite phone provided

There are no pre-set packages for our Outpost Camps since the varieties are limitless.
The fun begins with constructing your idea of the ultimate fishing adventure

here are some ideas to consider:


2005 Rate Schedule    all prices are in US funds on a per-person basis
Early Season: Mid May - July 15   3 Day       4 Day       7 Day      
Caribou Crossing Outpost$ 1,895    $ 2,095     $ 2,495      
Bill's Lake Outpost$ 1,025    $ 1,140     $ 1,450      
High Rock Lake Outpost$ 860    $ 960     $ 1,260      
Upper Foster Lake Outpost$ 860    $ 960     $ 1,260      
Daly Lake Outpost$ 860    $ 960     $ 1,260      
Hickson/Maribelle Lake Outpost           $ 750    $ 850     $ 1,150      
Late Season: July 16 - Mid Sept.   3 Day       4 Day       7 Day      
Caribou Crossing Outpost$ 1,695    $ 1,895     $ 2,295      
Bill's Lake Outpost$ 985    $ 1,100     $ 1,410      
High Rock Lake Outpost$ 820    $ 920     $ 1,220      
Upper Foster Lake Outpost$ 820    $ 920     $ 1,220      
Daly Lake Outpost$ 820    $ 920     $ 1,220      
Hickson/Maribelle Lake Outpost$ 820    $ 920     $ 1,110      

Hideaway Outfitters , Redditt Ontario

Hunt or fish in NW Ontario

John has owned and operated this lodge for over 20 years. John says "small enough that I like meeting the guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves."

Redditt is located near Kenora Ontario which makes us an easy destination for our guests coming from the Central United States. For your reference we are about 2.5 hour from the International Falls border crossing.

< FONT COLOR="000000" SIZE=5> The Fishing
Northern Pike; Walleye; Bass and Muskie

American Plan ($1,500 US/person): accom. in fully modern cabin including all meals, cable TV, bedding; fully guided fishing including boat, motor, gas and bait; shore lunch; canoes; fish cleaning and freezing; private beach; conservation license; ice; your stay is 7 nights Saturady - Saturday

Economy Package ($700 US/person)includes: accom.; boat, motor, no meals

 pics/nlm/star.gif Family Package ($750 US/week) (children under 15) boat rentals available:
up to 4-5 guests; accom. in fully modern cabin including cable TV, cooking utensils, microwave, bedding; canoes are available; use of fish cleaning and freezing house; private beach; your stay is 7 nights. 2 - 18 hole golf courses are nearby, as well as a museum and Provincial park; a 3 screen movie house and many restaurants

Northern Pike: expect to catch 5-15 pounders, with some approaching 25. You will keep busy reeling them in

Walleye: we had a 13 pounder caught in 2000, but expect to catch smaller ones but they will keep you happy fishing for them.

Bass: expect to catch 1.5 - 3+ pounders, with some approaching 5-6 pounds.

Muskies: We can send you locations where you can fish for muskies

John can offer you the chance to hunt bear, deer and archery moose, your choice of either archery, rifle of muzzleloader. Ameriacan Plans as well as Economy packages are available. We also offer an outpost camp.

Nice fish

Deer Hunts
Oct. 9 - Nov. 15:
avg. 200 - 300 lb deer

Archery and rifle hunts: American Plan ($2,750 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay:

3 deer from 2003 - 90k

< FONT COLOR="000000" SIZE=5> Bear Hunts
Aug. 15 - Sept. 30:

we average 200 - 400 pound bear but bear several over 450 pounds have been taken since 2000:
we supply tree stands and baiting and assist you in retrieving your game
we start baiting a month prior to the season opens ensuring your success

Archery and rifle hunts: American Plan ($2,750 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided hunt; game prep.; 7 night stay; tons of guided fishing: we can add an archery deer hunt as a bonus for a small fee
Economy Package archery and rifle includes ($1,500 US): accom; cooking utensils; semi-guided; tons of guided fishing
Outpost camp ($1,500 US) inquire:

Check out the picture of this 500 pound bear taken by one of our 2003 guests
Another nice bear from 2003

Moose Hunts
Sept. 16 - 30:
1000 pound moose

Archery only hunts: American Plan ($3,673 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay:

If you would like to contact John at Hideaway Outfitters right now call 1.888.797.2577 or go to Hideaway Outfitter's web site

West Nipissing Resort, Ontario

West Nipissing Resort is a cottage rental and fishing resort
located just 4 hours north of Toronto Ontario in the village of Lavigne.

Northern Pike; Walleye; Muskie; and Bass Fishing

The Fishing: The west end of Lake Nipissing where we are located is truly a paradise for fishing a number of species of fish. West Nipissing has hundreds of sunken islands, shoals, weed flats, rock beds, and drop offs. Expect to catch plenty of nice sized fish once you have booked your next vacation with us.

Fish in Lake Nipissing migrate throughout the seasons. Fish migrate to spawn, follow bait fish, find comfortable temperatures and depth ranges, and to find structure.

Lake Nipissing is also a lake with lots of Whitefish, Cisco (lake herring), Ling, Bullhead, Freshwater Drum, and Rock Bass.

We have 12 clean prime waterfront northern cottages for your enjoyment. We offer 1 bedroom, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom cottages to fit your requirements. They all contain: indoor plumbing; drinking water; electric heat; full bathroom; full kitchen; linens; cutlery; dishes; pots; pans; coffee maker; BBQ (grill); a nice deck and fantastic scenery.

Family and soft Adventure Activities:
Whether you're a vacationing family, outdoor enthusiast, serious or semi-serious fisherman or a fisherman with a family, West Nipissing Resort has what you're looking for in a vacation. We offer a variety of fish to catch, boat rentals, docking, sight seeing, wildlife, excursions, tourist attractions, boating, and just an overall enjoyable time.

Outdoor enthusiasts such as canoers, hikers, mountain bikers, golfers, birders, ATVer's, Photographers, Wild Life viewers, vacationers, travelers, can all enjoy our resort at a reasonable rate.

Winter activities: Snowmobile Trails; Igloo building; Ice Fishing Hunt rentals; snowshoeing; winter chalet rentals.

Approx. travel times: from Buffalo (Fort Erie) - 5.5 hrs; Detroit - 9 hours; The Soo - 4 hours

If you would like to contact Ian at West Nipissing Resort right now call 1.888.673.6429 or e-mail Ian

or go to West Nipissing Resort's web site rates are posted right on the site

ontario lake trout fishing

Northern Woods Lodge, Terrace Bay Ontario

Northern Woods Lodge - the newest resort in Northwestern Ontario,

is an excellent choice for group fishing trips.

With over 20 years of experience hosting fishermen and hunters from many countries, we recognized the demand for a high quality, smaller resort that offers extraordinary service - so we built one. Our new resort offers our guests a remote, peaceful experience with all the amenities.

Imagine being one of the first anglers to this new resort in a new area with hundreds of miles of shoreline and dozens of lakes that have seldom been fished.

We are situated on a peninsula at the south end of Long Lake. We are accessible by vehicle, 36 miles north of Terrace Bay, Ontario on a well maintained forest access road. Float plane charter service from Thunder Bay, Ontario is also an option for our guests. During the construction of our new resort we just had to sneak away from time to time and try some fishing ourselves.

The fishing for northern pike, walleye, brook trout and lake trout is awesome.

ontario northern pike fishingontario northern pike fishing

We built the resort to accommodate only 24 guests to ensure top quality, personal service - but once we are full - we're full, so don't miss out on this opportunity. All first time guests will have first option to re-book for the following year. This is an excellent opportunity to secure a vacation destination for years to come.

For over 20 years we have been one of the top hunting Outfitters in Canada. We specialize in black bear and moose at our resort as well as trophy whitetail deer from our Dryden location.

Yes we offer trophy "wild" brook trout fishing!

For more information, please enjoy our website at

or call them at 807.937.6584 (winter) 613.482.8115 (summer)

or e-mail Northern Woods Lodge  :

Check out this great view of the lake
Check out this happy couple
Yes we offer ice fishing

Liddle's Fishing Adventures, N. Ontario

Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost Cabin

Makokibatan Lodge is a four-star, full service, deluxe All Inclusive American Plan fishing lodge with six separate log cabins, each accommodating up to 6 people. Your package includes all those little extras that make your stay most enjoyable. An 80-mile float plane ride is what separates you from the rest of civilization to the south. Taking off and landing on water is an unforgettable experience that completes a perfect Canadian wilderness adventure. It's a fishing vacation you'll remember for a lifetime.

And in addition, you'll be hard pressed to find better service and hospitality, or more delicious daily shore lunches with freshly caught walleye. Our chef provides our guests with hearty and delicious home cooked meals served in our spacious dining room overlooking the lake. First class all the way!

We can proudly state that Makokibatan Lodge offers some of Northern Ontario's best walleye and northern pike fishing. Not only can you expect to catch large quantities of walleye, you'll be amazed at the number of trophy size walleye and monster pike that this lake harbors.

Please Visit With Us At Our Website:

Phone 1.800.AND.FISH

"It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!"

Liddle's Fishing Adventures, N. Ontario

Miminiska Lodge

Miminiska Lodge is one of the premier fly-in, five-star All- Inclusive American Plan fishing lodges in Northern Canada.
Not only are the accommodation facilities, main lodge and marine equipment of superior quality, our staff will offer you the warmest of hospitality and service that you have ever experienced. Our large dining room offers our up to 36 guests hearty and delicious home cooked meals by our own chef, and our comfortable accommodation cottages provide all the warmth and amenities you'll require. First class all the way!

Guests can choose to fly into Miminiska from several locations including; Thunder Bay, and Nakina Ontario, as well as several cities in the Northern United States. The lodge is ideally located on Miminiska Lake, part of the famous Albany River system, flowing north to James and Hudson Bay. This is a walleye fisherman's dream come true. Miminiska Lake is dotted with islands and shoals providing perfect habitat for walleye where anglers can be always fishing new areas and still be catching fish all day long.

Please Visit With Us At Our Website:

Phone 1.800.AND. FISH

"It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!"

Pourvoirie Monet, Senneterre Quebec

Remote Eastern Quebec Fishing and Hunting destination. Access by either train from Sennetterre or by sea plane. This ensures both our fishing and hunting clients have exclusive rights to our 85 square miles of wilderness.

We offer northern pike and walleye fishing at out remote camps.
We keep fishing pressure to a minimun allowing our clients a better chance at that monster fish. Each group is asigned to an area all to themselves. Our region consists of over 50 lakes making it an ideal location for wild game to thrive. We take only 250 fishermen during the whole year spead out over our many fine lakes.
Packages are reasonalbly priced starting with our 3 day packages from July 15 - Nov. 1. Our regular 5 day packages ($600 cdn + taxes/person) run from May 15 - July 15 for groups of 4 or more.

>Each fishing group of 4-12 people will have an area all to themselves. Our camps are located anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of travel from the main lodge. Each group of fishermen are responsible for their own meals and fishing supplies. We will provide transportation to and from your camp.

picture of more excited fishermen

Ice fishing and snowmobile packages can be arranged in the winter.

snowmobilers stopped for a chat

Black Bear Hunting   -   Spring only: late May - end June
We offer premium black bear hunts in our exclusive territory.
As an added bonus fishing for walleye and northern pike is included.

You will spend 5 days hunting over bait.
Hunting is done mostly in the evenings.
Both rifle and archery hunters enjoy success with some baits as close as 30 yards.
Call for pricing and open dates.

Moose Hunting: (very limited number of hunts)
7 days hunts; Min. 4 hunters up to 6.
best is to call for info.

another successful moose hunter     another moose hunter

note: there is no electricty or cell phone reception in our area. (we do have satelite phones for rent). Each group has their own private camp and lake. Each camp is equipped with propane; lights; dishes etc; bedding. Clients bring their own food and sleeping bag. Remote guided day trips can be arranged.

If you would like to contact Pourvoirie Monet call 819.662.3362     or    

or go to the Pourvoirie Monet web site    or     email them

A 94k map of Canada for your reference

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Saskatchewan Fishing #4, N. Sask remote exclusive trophy fishing for up to 12 guests. also offers an outpost camp
Saskatchewan Lodge #20, N. Sask walleye, pike, lake trout, sleeper coach package; 3 day packages as low as $1200 US
Saskatchewan Outposts #21, N. Sask northern pike; lake trout; arctic grayling; walleye fishing options; great low package deals
Hawkrock Wilderness Adv., N. Sask. you may not know it but Saskatchewan has Big Fish, just up- graded their lodge, friendly outfitter
Sask. Pike #8 Lodge, NE. Sask. remote fly-in lodge; great prices, huge fish, you fly out of Winnipeg MB
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